14th February 2013- love

“What will survive of us is love.” 

Philip Larkin

It’s Valentine’s day, but instead of writing something hideously soppy, I thought I’d write about the concept of love in general. Recently, it has become apparent to me that the concept and notion of love is truly at the core of everything. I knew this before, but now I know this and have seen it in practice too. Most human action can be fixed around the notion of love, giving love or receiving it. I just think it’s truly amazing that humans have this ability to over complicate things, and we do so much to make our lives more complex but at the end of the day, if we put Ocham’s razor to it, all we want is love and to be loved. Ultimately, that will beat everything.

(also Philip Larkin went to my school, yay!)

Happy Valentine’s.


31st December 2012 – to a new year

“Nothing lasts forever; so live it up, drink it down, avoid the negativity, take chances and never regret because at one point it was what you wanted.”

M. Scott Peck, The Road less Traveled

Well, 2012 certainly didn’t last forever as we thought it would way back in January (in fact, it zoomed past) and I think I’ve learnt an awful lot this year, mostly about myself and learning who I am when life offers up new and different things. I really like this quote as it sums things up quite neatly. At the end of the day, no matter what is going on with your life, seconds, days and weeks go on – time stops for no one. And if you let it pass you by, you end up with those regrets and being stuck in those negative times. So, here is to a positive new year – what will undoubtedly be a huge year in my life.

25th December 2012 – Christmas Day

“Some day soon we all will be together, if the fates allow.”

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Sending you Christmas wishes from Tobago! This is one of my favourite Christmas songs and I can’t wait to be together with my lovely friends and family again. Lots of love to them xxx

14th July 2012- Bastille Day

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant.”

 Maximilien Robespierre

It is French National Day today, Bastille Day, and this quote comes from a French author who participated in the revolution. How true it is too!