23rd July 2013

“Whose is this footstep? Whose is this shadow? Who knocked at my heart and entered here? Who spread a vibrant colour through me? I died from happiness, it killed me, it killed me.”

“Yeh kiski hai ahat, yeh kiska hai saya, hui dil mein dastak, yahan kaun aya. ham par yeh kisne hara rang dala, khusi neh hamari hamen mar dala, mar dala.”

Mar Dala, Devdas

This is a fantastic Bollywood film that I re-watched recently; I forgot how well made it was, how it paints such a tragic love story, but is also a film that looks at many fundamental issues that existed in India at that time (at that still do to an extent today). I also really like watching it for the scenery, the houses and the clothes – it was one of the most expensive Bollywood movies ever made and you can definitely tell when you watch it! The songs in the film are generally lyrically beautiful and catchy; this is one of my favourites. 


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