17th March 2013

“The eye is the lamp of the body and if the eyes are not good then you have no light in your body. If your eyes are bad then you have darkness redeeming. There are so many things we ignore in life: the truth; the uncomfortable truth. And this song is to remind you no matter how hard it is to see the truth or to be true to somebody, you’ve got to get over it. Get over your shadows. Show love. Spread love. Make love. You know, see love. And live in life everyday waking up, greeting nature, everything about our existence. Listen up.”

Nneka, Lost Souls Live (2009)

This is the intro to a song sung and written by Nneka, a Nigerian-German artist I discovered on a random playlist on Spotify. This part of her song is spoken, but it really resonated with me. Her words and descriptions are emotive, and the song itself is beautiful. Give it a google, and have a listen.


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