6th August 2012

“I didn’t set out to beat the world; I just set out to do my absolute best.” 

Al Oerter

The motto at the London 2012 Olympics is “Inspire a Generation” and over the past week and a bit, I have found the Olympic games to be completely inspiring, and emotive and unifying. It really is amazing that when athletes come together to run, swim, dive, throw, gallop or hit, the rest of the world unify and revel and take pride in that too.


2 thoughts on “6th August 2012

    • yeah, it’s great to win medals but i think ultimately, when 204 nations are represented in something on a completely level platform, i think it is more about being involved. take a look at the women of Saudi and Qatar who have been allowed to participate for the first time. people have said that they are not of olympic level and should not be there but that’s not the point – they are able to take part of something so great. India have done really well this time round though 🙂

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