21st June 2012

“There is no greater sorrow, than to recall a happy time, when miserable.” 

Dante Alighieri

Had a strangely nostalgic few days, and although I am happy with where I am and what I’m doing at the moment, there is a lot that I miss. Not necessarily specific things or people, just the way things were, how protected and sheltered I was, how my relationships were with the people I know. Change is something that is definite, however, and hopefully the power of hindsight will make change more acceptable.


5 thoughts on “21st June 2012

  1. It is interesting to me that you miss feeling protected and sheltered; I have been looking back lately on the times when I felt sheltered, and have been incredibly grateful for growing away from that direction and being in different states of adventure. It all goes to show you that all things are subjective; and I think that you are right in that your hindsight later will make things much more acceptable 🙂 The more you learn, the more you can do. Good luck!

  2. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I have loved becoming independent and making my own decisions and being more ‘autonomous’, so to speak. I wouldn’t trade it back for anything. There are times though when I see that the world can be so complicated, things are a lot more harsh in “the real world” ha (something that comes with growing up and being adult I guess!) and that can seem incredibly daunting and scary. You’re right though, people’s experiences are completely subjective. Thank you very much though- fingers crossed!

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