3rd May 2012

“We dream in narrative, daydream in narrative, remember, anticipate, hope, despair, believe, doubt, plan, revise, criticize, construct, gossip, learn, hate, and love by narrative” 

Barbara Hardy

I came across this quote a few months ago in a ‘Reading Culture’ lecture, which was all about how we narrate our experiences and stories in a very specific way in order to convey them to other people. The order of a narrative usually follows this: an introduction, a difficulty or obstacle, an experience and then a solution or conclusion or realisation. This lecture popped through my mind earlier today when I was telling a coursemate and a flatmate about some of my experiences and feelings. What I said followed this order and it made me realise that almost everything that we do or think is created into a narrative by our minds. Even what I have said here has followed this vague pattern. It got me wondering whether the mind does this in order to rationalise our thoughts and feelings to make sense of things that are difficult to explain; or if it helps the mind to cope with the vast amounts of information we take in and process every second of the day- just a thought.


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