23rd March 2012

“‘We too often let things linger. Don’t wait, Mitch. It’s such a waste.’ He told me a story. A man buried his wife. At the gravesite, he stood by the Reb, tears falling down his face.

‘I loved her,’ he whispered.

The Reb nodded.

‘I mean… I really loved her.’ The man broke down.

‘And… I almost told her once.’

The Reb looked at me sadly. ‘Nothing haunts like the things we don’t say.’

Mitch Albom, Have a Little Faith

I am currently re-reading this book by Mitch Albom and it is a fantastic story, all true, about having faith and hope and tackling life’s issues, regardless as to whether one is religious or not. This section of the book that I have quoted touched me the most- it’s often seen as true that people regret more the things that they didn’t do than those that they did.


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